Memento, [məˈmen·toʊ] Noun / An object that you keep to remember a person, place, or event.
Eren SS19 Iris Black Tie Dress, Amaranthus Rice Pearl and Gold Earrings, Sustainability, Womenswear Collection, Made in LondonDaphne Jade Baroque Pearl Earrings and Sophie Lilac Dresseren ss19, Right Chirico Print Top and Sol White Trousers, Left Asteria Pearl EarringsEren SS19 Mei Lilac Blouse and Fontana Red TrousersEren SS19 Selene Pearl Gold Earrings, Elis Jacket and Ella Skirt Black, Made in LondonSamantha Dress and Plutus Earrings, Eren SS19, Made in London, Sustainable FashionSidaal Top and Ella Skirt, Organic Cotton, Made in London, Sustainability, Selene Pearl Earrings, Eren SS19Eren SS19 Frida Red Top and Marlene Print Trousers, Calla Baroque Pearl Bracelet, Made in LondonEren SS19 Quinn Print Dress, Allium Earrings, Pearl, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Tencel, Sustainable, Made in LondonEren SS19 Collection, Mei Lilac Blouse and Miller Abstract Print Skirt, Nyx Earrings, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Made in LondonEren SS19 Scarlett Red Dress, Eos Earrings, Made in London, Sustainably Sourced, Independent designerEren SS19 Sargent Abstract print Top and Sol black Trousers, Made in London, Independent Designers, TrendEren SS19 Look, Calla Pearl Earrings, Frida White Top and Serra Skirt, Organic Cotton, Sustainable collection, Made in LondonEren SS19, Mei Lilac Blouse, Marlene Abstract Print Trousers, Clio Baroque Pearl and Gold EarringsEren SS19 Calliope Lapis Lazuli Jade and Fresh Water Baroque Pearl Earrings, Yves Shirt and Miller Skirt, Organic CottonEren SS19, Evelyn Coat and Allium Lapis Lazuli Fresh Water Pearl and Gold Vermeil Earrings
Eren Memento Collection
Photography Catharina Pavitschitz
Model Iva Litova
Make Up Artist Yuichiro Kamei
Hair Stylist Ryn Zhan
Special Thanks to Linda Green and About Arianne



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